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How to install any application from Zivaan Solutions?

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Below are the steps to follow 

1. Extract the {ApplicationName}.zip file to {ApplicationName} folder

2. Copy this folder to root of the server .

  - here if you are installing in localhost, your path would become https://localhost/ApplicationName/ 

  - Below are our assumption. 

  - 1. In case of wamp server, you are placing ApplicationName folder in www folder.

  - 2. In case of xampp server, you are placing ApplicationName folder in htdocs folder.

3. Run this url ( https://localhost/ApplicationName/ ) in browser, it will lead you to this installation screen as below.

4. Now go phpmyadmin or Mysql Database Wizard from cpanel, Create user and database.

5. Fill the installation form by below value.

  - localhost

  - database_username ( if you are installing in localhost, it will be "root" )

  - database_passwowrd ( if you are installing in localhost, it will be stay blank in case if you are not using password in localhost )

  - database_name

  - your_application_url (https://localhost/ApplicationName/ )

6. Click the checkbox and Press enter. 

After completing installation, you will be redirected to login page. 

you can use below credentials to login.

username : admin

password : admin123

if you are still facing the issue, drop us message through live chat or drop us mail @  [email protected]

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